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As Days Pass

As days pass, I will likely have moments in my life when I feel hopeless. There will be times when I try to work myself to death instead of facing my problems. But when that time comes, at least I will have watermelons.

Pill Better

A daughter must make a choice about what remains of her father after his death. To take the pills that reveal his feelings or not?


Inspired by the poem “Forgetfulness” by Billy Collins, Allicea crafted this acrostic poem focusing on family.

Ocean Waves

It was 52 degrees outside, but it was warm. It was two weeks into fall that day, but I remember it was warm. There’s a lot of other things I remember about that day, too. Like how nervous I was, and how I shouldn’t have worn such an itchy sweater. But, it was my lucky […]

Freshman Year

Forging ahead toward adulthood, starting with this special year.

The box of expectations

Sometimes I spit in the face, of grammar? the relationship i and capital letters have is strained at best.  My spelling is closer to alphebet suop than english vernacular. My essays lack formatting and are rarely  Spectacular.All my writings and ideas lack  real consistency.  I have only one piece of  advice to all who want […]

To the Seniors of ’21

Tanner Lux wrote this poem using the emails, texts, and remembered snippets of conversations of Jim Thorpe Area High School’s Class of 2021.

The Artist

Being creative reveals the designs you have created for your life. Don’t change them for anyone.

Holding Punchlines

I’ve calmed down in recent years.  I used to get into verbal fights, but I’ve learned to hold my punch lines. It’s not so easy – sometimes, they write themselves.  I have a friend named Joy, who’s diagnosed with depression.  I’ve taken a cooking class from a vegetarian kid named Hunter. Heck, my name is […]


Things may never go back to normal, so you may need to create a new normal.

Life Altering

People rarely change their values and beliefs unless influenced by a traumatic event.

Stress Won’t Last Forever

I was always a very funny and happy kid, and I had lots of friends. Then, when I turned 12, I started to feel differently. I was upset because I couldn’t do anything at all. Suddenly, it was almost my thirteenth birthday and my first year of middle school. I was in 7th grade, and […]

Pandemic Positivity

A high school student takes action to help people feel more positive during the pandemic, honoring her father in the process.


A middle school student learns a valuable life lesson: Power and influence can change someone for the worse, so don’t change who you are when you acquire power and influence.

Earth needs a home

Take a stand to protect our beautiful land,  The mother of the fish and sharks,  Tadpoles and frogs,  Tigers and tigresses, Lions and lionesses, Branches and trees, Grass that is sometimes brown or green, But most importantly, you and I – Or rather you and me. You and I know of all the commotion going […]